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St. Clements Soccer Association

*** Next Meeting - June 12th, 2017 @ 8:30pm ***

What can we expect?

Welcome to the St. Clements Soccer Season!

Thanks for registering your child for the soccer season. Being a parent requires many sacrifices, the biggest of which seems to be our own time. But when time is spent helping our kids grow in a fun environment, it is all worthwhile. Many of us know soccer as something to do when it’s not hockey season, but it isn’t called ‘the beautiful game’ by accident. It teaches creativity, teamwork, and sportsmanship, it provides fitness, and is FUN. We sincerely hope the upcoming season is enjoyable for everyone, not just the kids.

To help us all better understand the game, we need to ask, “What is soccer?” While that sounds like a simple question, a quick look at our practice fields reveals a bewildering answer. Many practices find children facing situations that they never see in an actual game.  Is this soccer?

Soccer is a game. The children are involved in a team sport that pits them against an opponent. It will teach competition and cooperation. But it is also a leisure activity. The children are there because they want to be there. They want to play a game.

To play a game of soccer you first need a ball. Then an opponent. Add a field, a couple of goals across from each other, mix in a few soccer rules and you have a simple game. But this is hard work and you can't play it for very long. So you get some teammates, and to keep it fair, a few more opponents. With these elements you can play soccer all day. Simple.

Why don’t thing always stay simple? Because when we commit time, money, and effort to something, especially sport, we build expectations. We all have them, the players, the parents, and the coaches. Life becomes much more complicated when our expectations are unrealistic. Realistic expectations are ones we can all work with while still having fun.

We hope to provide you and your child with an excellent season based on the following expectations:

Players should expect:

      ·       to have FUN

      ·       to be treated with respect

      ·       encouragement no matter what

      ·       to learn something new

      ·       a sense of accomplishment

Parents should expect:

      ·       to have FUN watching their children having fun

      ·       fair play and good sportsmanship

      ·       fair playing time and encouragement

      ·       to be asked to participate when needed

      ·       mistakes (they do happen)

Coaches should expect:

      ·       players to be on time, ready to play, wearing the proper equipment

              and uniform

      ·       enthusiasm and encouragement for all the players

      ·       support from parents when needed

      ·       to be notified if a player is going to miss a practice or game

      ·       respect for their effort and the efforts of the officials

      ·       to feel accomplishment, not frustration at the end of the season

Please remember that these are expectations only and are not cast in stone. Things change as a season progresses, but working together they will change for the better. If there is ever any problem, which you cannot resolve with your coach, please feel free to contact the Head Coach, or any member of the executive. You can get these contacts from your coach, or from our website, www.stclementssoccer.com.

Thanks again, and hope to see all of you next season!


These are kids
Coaches are volunteers
Referees are human
Everyone is involved because they love the game


A Special Thank You

To the Paradise & District Lions Club for their donation of soccer balls in 2016.

Volunteers are needed!

Volunteers are needed for the following positions:

  • Coaches
  • Vice-President
  • Directors
  • Secretary
  • Scheduler